A Writer's Sketchbook - Colored Pencil

Spring Garden


When I was young, colored pencils were by far the most convenient way to create colored art. They are easily portable, come in dozens of colors which can then be mixed, and you can achieve transparent effects with them. Even better, they don't make a mess. With them I drew maps and sketched characters, scribbled out floorplans and diagrams, and turned my imaginings visible.

Return of the Gryphon


Now my daughters are following in my footsteps. I'm delighted to report that their colored pencil work far suprpasses mine.



Spring Garden

Sketch - Colored Pencil 2007

This was a sketch I made to keep my hands busy while visiting with a friend. When I got it home, I colored it.

Feedback on Cantata in Coral and Ivory
'...Gilbert and Sullivan with virtual music.'
-- Brian M. Scott
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