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Dicing With Flames


It must be inevitable for a love of story and a love of art to end up coming together in actual story art. First I just sketched scenes from within the books for my own amusement. Then I moved on to creating book covers so that I could produce 'pretty' copies of my books for my family to read.

Fullbright Crew


Finally I succumbed to the lure of trying to create stories out of pictures. (An intensely time consumming method of story-telling.) This introduced a new challenge to my artwork -- not only did I have to show the characters and the settings, but I needed to also convey continuing action, and emotional subtleties. I'm not sure how well I've succeeded, but it has certainly been an interesting challenge.

Penzance at Tortuga


Now I have a yen to do interior illustrations for everything I write. Such a cool 'bonus' to a book, no? But I keep running out of time!

Harp & Gyre


Fealty’s Shore

Illustration - Digital Paint 2014

Appears in Fealty's Shore with the caption "I grabbed his sword hand before he could strike again."

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