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L. Shelby - Artwork - Pencil

A Writer's Sketchbook - Pencil

figure 1
Caught off Guard

In high school I did much better in my 3D art classes than my 2D art class. I loved sculpting and constructing, but the materials were expensive and they always seemed to make a mess, and the results could not be stored in my binders or notes.

figure 2

Without a proper digital tablet and pen, I found computer paint programs awkward and the results painfully simplistic. Until I entered the realm of 3D software, I relied on the primitive (and affordable!) pencils and pen.

figure 3

figure 4
Captain Moracey Talon

Riddle, Rhyme and Masquerade
Writing Quote
'Character shaped objects with a few personality traits slapped on them tend not to be as bright as real people. That's just the way it goes.'
-- L. Shelby
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