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Georgio Pharos


Whenever I've a pencil and paper in hand I seem to end up drawing something. My school notebooks were always full of doodles. I had pictures drawn on the backs of the pages of my story notebooks. I come home from doctors offices and my kids school events with scrap paper full fragmentary images. And usually the pictures have something to do with one of my stories. Even when they don't, they might end up jumpstarting a story of thier own.

Asond and Tomah - Early Concept Sketch


I read a famous comic artist claiming once that every comic artist started out by wanting to draw like a favorite artist. I didn't. Most of the young artists I know wanted to draw fan art of their favorite characters or whatever. I hardly ever did that, either. Imitation was never my goal - it was my own worlds, my own images, my own creations I wanted to capture.

Spring Garden


I took a lot of art classes when I was in school. I never thought I was all that good, but I didn't really care. I just wanted to see what I could make.


Dancing Lessons



Sketch - Pencil 2014

Sayings from Ialfa
'If you don't follow the river's curve you might lose its course.'
-- A Borgim Proverb
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