History of the Black Flag Universe

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31310 Sam Hands is born - BlackFlag Space
3140265Professor Avery Shaw is born - Galactic Jurisdiction
3143212Captain Dampier Stede is born - Galactic Jurisdiction
3144263Captain Jack Rackham is born - Galactic Jurisdiction
31450 Moma is born - BlackFlag Space
3147203Tew Walsing is born - Galactic Jurisdiction
3149266Captain Moracey Talon is born - Temomon
3156127 William Drake is born - Galactic Jurisdiction
3157254Captain Broussard is born - Galactic Jurisdiction
3160Dorami is born - BlackFlag Space
31620 Reed Hawke is born - Unknown (0)
3165256Captain Jean Marquis is born - Galactic Jurisdiction
31660 Howard Ace is born - BlackFlag Space
3167251 Voss Spengler is born - Unknown (0)
3167350 Pierre LeVere is born - Galactic Jurisdiction
31680 Cheng is born - BlackFlag Space
3169201Colonel Daoqui is born - Lamuca
3169240Benjamin Flint is born - Galactic Jurisdiction
3170175 Killigrew Brand is born - Cholia
31710 Anna Pharos is born - Unknown (0)
3171338 Wylda Ladgerda is born - Galactic Jurisdiction
31724Professor Avery Shaw's family killed (During the Gartoli insurrection) - Galactic Jurisdiction
31726Captain Torgay Blood is born - Galactic Jurisdiction
317283 Delahay Duke is born - Galactic Jurisdiction
31730 Jewel is born - BlackFlag Space
31734Shaw highjacks a ship, renames it Revenge - Revenge
31750 Linda is born - BlackFlag Space
31752Sanchez is born - BlackFlag Space
317597Drake joins the Brotherhood - Revenge
31760 Dulaien Chivers is born - Galactic Jurisdiction
3176263Walsing joins the Brotherhood - Revenge
3177236Shaw befriends Jack Rackham, Captain of the Whydah - BlackFlag Space
3177255Revenge is traded up - Revenge II
31780 Davis Hawke is born - Unknown (0)
3179152The slave Dorami is freed by the crew of the Revenge II - Revenge II
3179234The Brotherhood begins purposely preying on slave-state ships because of the better recruitment possibilities - Revenge II
3179347Moma joins the Brotherhood - Revenge II
31800Captain Silver is born - BlackFlag Space
3180208Dorami contracts to Moracey Talon - Revenge II
31810 Calico is born - BlackFlag Space
3181128Revenge II spawns the Jolly Roger - Revenge II
3181129Moma transfers to the Jolly Roger - Jolly Roger
3181129Walsing transfers to the Jolly Roger - Jolly Roger
3181129Drake transfers to the Jolly Roger - Jolly Roger
3181129Stede transfers to the Jolly Roger - Jolly Roger
3181130Dampier Stede is elected captain of the Jolly Roger - Jolly Roger
3181263 Alexia DiCarlo is born - Unknown (0)
3181271Articles of the Brotherhood of the Black Flag drafted - Revenge II
318277Bonnie Anne Talon is born - Revenge II
318297Dorami dies - Revenge II
3182275 Pinto is born - Galactic Jurisdiction
31840 Jones Hawke is born - BlackFlag Space
31840 Lizbet Aldeburgh is born - Galactic Jurisdiction
3184277Jolly Roger is traded up - Jolly Roger II
3185Jewel joins the Brotherhood - Jolly Roger II
31850 Grace Lambert is born - Unknown (0)
3185176Revenge II is traded up - Revenge III
31860 Lai Cai Shi is born - Unknown (0)
3188Barbecue is born - BlackFlag Space
3188241Marquis joins the Brotherhood - Revenge III
3188273The Brotherhood takes the Celestial Mary and renames it the Penzance - BlackFlag Space
3188274Moracey Talon transfered to the Penzance - Penzance
3188274Bonnie Anne Talon transfered to the Penzance - Penzance
3188275Moracey Talon is elected captain of the Penzance - Penzance
3188310Cheng joins the Brotherhood - Jolly Roger II
318931The Penzance pillages the Fullbright - Fullbright
31906Blood joins the Galactic Marines - Galactic Jurisdiction
319020Barbecue joins the Brotherhood - Revenge III
319070The Hawke brothers join the Brotherhood - Penzance
3190239The Penzance pillages the Silken Starlight - Silken Starlight
31911Construction begins on Tortuga Station - Tortuga Station
319142 Maurice Stede is born - Jolly Roger II
3192Hands joins the Brotherhood - Penzance
31920 Goldi Horn is born - Unknown (0)
319231Crew of the Penzance aquire the Treasure - Penzance
319232Brand joins the Brotherhood - Penzance
3192194News Feature "Girls Who Love Villians" posted -- includes a segement on Captain Talon - Galactic Jurisdiction
31930 Archer is born - Revenge III
3193182Blood joins the Brotherhood - Revenge III
3193337LeVere joins the Brotherhood - Jolly Roger II
3194Wylda joins the Brotherhood - Jolly Roger II
319487 Magnus Crabbe is born - Unknown (0)
3194180Walsing killed - Jolly Roger II
319576Silver joins the Brotherhood - Jolly Roger II
3195132The Penzance pillages the Bargaolis - Bargaolis
3196Duke joins the Brotherhood - Jolly Roger II
3196193 Donia Zhi is born - Unknown (0)
3196321News Feature "Curse of the Celestial Mary" posted - Galactic Jurisdiction
319779Tortuga Station completed - Tortuga Station
319784The Penzance pillages the Trakitikala - Trakitikala
3197114Revenge III spawns the Blackbeard - Revenge III
3197115Marquis transfered to the Blackbeard - Blackbeard
3197116Marquis is elected captain of the Blackbeard - Blackbeard
3197180 Lionel Case is born - Unknown (0)
3197222Jolly Roger II traded up - Blackbeard
3198Calico joins the Brotherhood - Jolly Roger III
3198119Flint joins the Brotherhood - Revenge III
319965 Georgio Pharos is born - Unknown (0)
319965 Demetri Pharos is born - Unknown (0)
3199103The Penzance pillages the Soaring Mansion - Soaring Mansion
3199160Shaw is killed - Revenge III
3199162Blood is elected captain of the Revenge III - Revenge III
3199248FanVid "Pirate Princess" about Bonne Anne Talon posted. - BlackFlag Space
3200Pinto joins the Brotherhood - Jolly Roger III
3200Grace joins the Brotherhood - Penzance
320083Stede dies - Jolly Roger III
320085Silver is elected captain of the Jolly Roger III - Jolly Roger III
3200236 Xander Coxon is born - Penzance
3201Ace joins the Brotherhood - Revenge III
32010 Sawkins Paoa is born - Unknown (0)
3201261The Penzance pillages the Countess Darscough - Countess Darscough
3201320Daoqui promoted to Colonel - Lamuca
3202271Flag in Flames begins - BlackFlag Space
320318Flag in Flames ends - BlackFlag Space
3219Survivor begins - Unknown (0)
3220284Blood Price begins - Revenge IV
3221170Blood Price ends - Barataria Base
3222333Dominion begins - BlackFlag Space
3226118Dominion ends - Galactic Jurisdiction
3226140Ghost in the Clockwork begins - Barataria Base
3227324Ghost in the Clockwork ends - BlackFlag Space
322839Soul of a Talon begins - BlackFlag Space
3228284Soul of a Talon ends - BlackFlag Space
32326A Point of Honor - BlackFlag Space
3249347Beyond the Deep begins - BlackFlag Space
3250211Child of Terror begins - Galactic Jurisdiction
3251282Crimson Seas begins - BlackFlag Space
3253Blood Brothers begins - BlackFlag Space
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