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L. Shelby - Brotherhood of the Black Flag - Music
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BlackFlag Song List

They Say (The End Credits Song)
> Audio Mp3 (Voice Only)
Rogues, Romance,

Ahead 1G (Grandiose Space Theme)
Science Fiction, Space,

Running Blind (The Black Flag Theme)
Rogues, Science Fiction, Space,

Revenge (Captain Blood’s Theme)
Science Fiction, War,

Silver’s Theme (One Light in the Darkness)
Ose, Romance, Science Fiction,

Writing Quote
'Suddenly I'm getting the horrible feeling someone who won a National Book Award has recommended no more than two pronouns per book. With pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, similes and alliteration eliminated, how long till we can't use nouns and verbs? How long till books contain nothing but prepositions?'
-- Evil Editor
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