Black Flag Story Quotes

“You are not only a slug and a bastard and a dishonorable girl-stealing protoplasmic sludge, you're also an idiot” —Captain Blood to Silver in Flag in Flames

“Aw, HELL! I actually figured out how to do it.” —Captain Blood in Flag in Flames

“I think you should kill them Daddy. You should kill them all!” —Seven-year-old Bonnie Anne Talon in Flag in Flames

“You arrogant graffiti-fied baboon!” —Bonnie Anne Talon to Captain Blood in Flag in Flames

“But even if I don't own the air I breathe, even if I've no right to it at all, how can I let anyone take it away from me?” —Captain Silver in Flag in Flames

Hexblurb for Flag in Flames
Space pirate romantic triangle
-- with explosions!

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