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These interviews have been extracted and condensed from the Character Chat thread from The Webcomic List forums.

Interview with Captain Moracey Talon

Just to save a little time here, I'm from the planet Temomon, my favorite color is blue, I and I prefer epic verse.

Baseball or football?
Baseball, I think. I never had much time to follow team sports as a youngster, I was into competitive fencing, and my mother, a most formitable woman, forced me to learn ballroom dancing.

What's your favorite book?
The Three Musketeers.

What's the webcomics character you like the least and why?
I don't care for any of them. But I would like to take this opportunity to announce that Security has tracked down the identity of the crewman who has been letting his imagination wander too close to home, and he will meet me in the gym at 17:00 today to recieve the discipline I consider appropriate, or I will have him spaced.

If you were rich, what would you do with the money? If you are already rich, what are you doing with the money?
I am rich, by contemporary standards, and there is nothing that I can do with my credits. It is a common misconsception to assume that all pirates are greedy and looking for treasure. In actuallity, nearly seventy percent of the Brotherhood are former slaves, and about a quarter of the remainder are escaping from labour contracts with such inequitable terms that that they amounted to life-long servitude. A number of the others, myself included, are facing death sentences for one thing or another. So, for the most part, we are here because we chose freedom over captivity and life over death.
Which isn't to say my men don't pick up the odd trinket that appeals to them, of course.

Why is my sister so completely bizarre?
All women are completely incomprehensible. It appears to add to their charm.

Are you married?
Yes. That is, I am what I believe used to be called a widower.

If you had to turn a person into a hat, would you wear him sometimes or give him away?
I can't imagine any circumstances under which I would be forced to do something so tasteless as to turn a person into a hat.

Puppies: cute or ugly?
Cute. I had one once... but I'm sure you don't wish to hear my nostalgic babblings on the subject.

If you ran the world (Earth for you non-Terrans) for one day, what 5 things would you do?
If I thought Earth had enough influence to sway the entirity of the Galactic Legal Alliance, I would try obtain pardons for us all in return for the secrets I hold. But to be pardoned by only one world is insufficient, and so I remain sworn to space. Earth will have to get by without me.

What has been your greatest triumph in battle?
That would have to be the day we took the Penzance.
Although, it was a two ship effort.
Stede took the Jolly Roger II with a single ship -- that's an action I wish I had seen!

Sword, axe or bow?
Sword, by all means.
The bow is a delightful weapon, but there isn't really room to deploy them effectively on a spaceship.

Which Goddess (or God, but let's face it, Gods are rubbish) do you most revere?
I hope you won't take it amiss, but I'm an atheist -- although I wish I wasn't.


-- Captain Moracey Talon
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