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L. Shelby - Brotherhood of the Black Flag - People
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Characters of Brotherhood of the Black Flag

Captain Jack Rackham 57Subspace NavigatorFrom Flag in Flames
Moma 56SecurityFrom Flag in Flames
Captain Moracey Talon 52Subspace NavigatorFrom Flag in Flames
William Drake 45Subspace EngineerFrom Flag in Flames
Captain Broussard 44Galactic MarineFrom Flag in Flames
Captain Jean Marquis 36Subspace NavigatorFrom Flag in Flames
Howard Ace 35DoctorFrom Blood Price
Pierre LeVere 34Subspace NavigatorFrom Flag in Flames
Voss Spengler 34ReporterFrom Survivor
Colonel Daoqui 32Elite GuardsmanFrom Flag in Flames
Killigrew Brand 31Subspace NavigatorFrom Flag in Flames
Wylda Ladgerda 30Systems OperatorFrom Flag in Flames
Captain Blood 29EngineerFrom Flag in Flames
Delahay Duke 29PersonnelFrom Flag in Flames
Jewel 28PersonnelFrom Flag in Flames
Linda 26PersonnelFrom Blood Price
Dulaien Chivers 25Subspace EngineerFrom Flag in Flames
Captain Silver 21JOATFrom Flag in Flames
Alexia DiCarlo 20 From Survivor
Bonnie Anne Talon 19Subspace NavigatorFrom Flag in Flames
Pinto 19PersonnelFrom Flag in Flames
Jones Hawke 17SecurityFrom Flag in Flames
Lai Cai Shi 15Subspace NavigatorFrom Blood Price
Goldi Horn 9System OperatorFrom Blood Price
Archer 8SecurityFrom Blood Price
Magnus Crabbe 7Hyrdoponics/Life SupportFrom Survivor
Donia Zhi 5MedicFrom Survivor
Lionel Case 4NavigatorFrom Survivor
Georgio Pharos 2EngineerFrom Survivor
Demetri Pharos 2EngineerFrom Survivor
Xander Coxon 1Subspace NavigatorFrom Blood Price
Hexblurb for Harp & Gyre
Apprentice bard:
Hero, diplomat, or prankster?

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