The Worlds of the Cultivator Universe

This the 'capital' world of the 'Galactic Empire' (All space operas need some kind of galactic empire, right?)
Maris is very technologically advanced, and has several space elevators which connect up to a huge man-made ring that acts as a space station, space dock, what-have-you.

The homeworld of the main characters of The Eyes of Infistar
An attempt was made to terraform Fenris, but it was eventually decided that it was economically infeasible. Fenris is an iceworld that is 'refuge' to border elements, dissidents and rogues. Nonetheless the local branch of the law is respected, for any cop who would come here is either amazingly brave or completely crazy, and only the stupid would trifle with either.

    Massitchsen's Worlds
Massitchsen's Worlds are a group of inhabited planet-sized geometric objects, left lying around by some ancient and vastly powerful race, probably the Cultivators. (All space operas need some now disappeared ancient and vastly powerful race to leave cryptic objects lying about, right?) The are inhabited by humans, with a low level of tech. Torys also has a 'hybrid' human population: the Aerials.

Worlds of the Galactic Empire

The 'Galactic Empire' is a coalition of just under a hundred planets, all nominally declaring 'alegence' to a human Emperor and Empress, with the assistance of 'Grand Consuls' chosen by the alien 'subjects'. 100 worlds is estimated to be a tiny fraction of the inhabited (or at least, inhabitable) worlds in the galaxy, but it is nearly a quarter of those currently known, and over three quarters of the worlds with significant human populations have joined. The role of the Emperor and Empress is large ceremonial, but the 'Empire' provides a framework for the negotiation of interplanetary difficulties, and deepspace police forces. The Galactic capital is Maris, chosen because it has no native life, and is therefore 'neutral territory'.

Name Suns Moons Inhabitants Pop Climate(G) Notes
Amberdell 1 humans (v) high colony of Gudhayz FM
Aurora 1 zthiir (v) med
Azora 1 humans (v) low ice world (.9)
Banshee 2 k!tukuk (v) low gift from Dharus, FM
Bigtree 2 hworill (v) high colony of Onesky FM
Busted 1 humans (v) med
Buttersea 1 zthiir (v) med
Carmentine humans (v)
Cloudhome 2 hworill (v) med colony of Onesky FM
Coleridge 1 humans (t) low water world (1.0)
Coronet 1 mixed (v) med (.9)
Crystalis 1 humans (v)
Deepholt 1 k!tukuk (v) colony of Git!atik FM
Dilemma 1 2 humans (v) low
Dharuz 1 humans (n) high source of Imperial line, colonies:Banshee(gift),Fenris, Nirvana, Raphael, Lethe(gift), Olympus(birthplace of first Emperor), Kraken(muayib discovered), FM
Dimshade 2 mixed (v) med
Dorrith 3 hworill (n) high (.6) FM
Draconis 1 mixed (v) low
D'nish 3 humans (t) high FM
Ehveel 2 zthiir (n) high desert world colonies: Homeson, Exile, Safe Harbor, Neworld, FM
Emerald 2 humans (v) med colony of Gudhayz, FM
Exile 3 zthiir (v) med desert world colony of Ehveel
Fairwinds 1 hworill (v) high (.7) colony of Onesky, FM
Fenris 2 humans (v) low ice world (1.2) colony of Dharus, FM
Flameheart 1 humans (v)
Forge 1 zthiir (v) desert world
Forrak 1 zthiir (n) high
Forsaken 1 humans (v)
Gashtazdhisk 1 humans (n) high
Gemini 1 hworill (t) high (.6,.5) Twin Planets
Gentlegreen 3 k!tukuk (v) colony of Git!atik, FM
Git!atik 1 k!tukuk (n) high colonies: Deepholt, Gentlegeen, FM
Golden 1 humans (v)
Gudhayz 1 humans (t) med ice world colonies: Opalescent, Amberdell, Emerald, FM
Haunt 1 hworill (v) (.5)
Hazy 1 humans (v)
Homeson 2 zthiir (v) high desert world colony of Ehveel, FM
Horizon 2 human/zthiir (v) med desert world
Hubris 2 humans (v)
Islandia 1 muayib (n) med water world
Jagged 1 k!tukuk (v)
Johnson humans (v)
Jeh Eelahv 1 humans (v) med
Jurassica 1 humans, k!tukuk (v) med
Katikersee k!tukuk (t) colonies: Preserve, FM
Kraken 1 humans (v), muayib (t) med water world FM
Lahlee 1 hworill (t) med ice world FM
Laineeno 1 hworill (v)
Lethe 3 zthiir (v) gift from Dharus, FM
Lords 1 humans (v)
Malicious 2 mixed (v)
Maris 1 ring station humans (v), mixed gift from Salaloois, FM
Meenomeeno 1 humans (t)
Melody 1 hworill (v)
Newchance 1 mixed (v)
Neworld 1 zthiir (v) colony of Ehveel, FM
Nina hworill (t) med moon world
Nirvana 1 humans (v) colony of Dharus, FM
Oasis 2 zthiir (v) desert world
Ohhshee 1 zthiir (n)
Olympus 2 humans (v) birthplace of first Emperor, colony of Dharus, FM
Onesky 2 hworill (n) colonies: Bigtree, Cloudhome, Fairwinds, Skyless, FM
Opalescent 2 humans (v) Colony of Gudhayz,FM
Pallisade 3 humans (v)
Pastoral 1 humans (v)
Pehlozamee 1 humans (n)
Preserve 3 k!tukuk (v) colony of Katikersee, FMecho
P!aahn 1 humans (t)
Raphael 1 2, ring humans (v) colony of Dharus, FM
Rehhzhay 3 zthiir (t)
Restful 2 humans (v)
Safe Harbor 1 zthiir (v) colony of Ehveel
Salaloois 2 zthiir (t) discovered Maris, FM
Sanguine 1 humans (v)
Sargasso 3 k!tukuk (v)
Sehdeen 1 hworill (n)
Shellbake 2 zthiir (v) desert world
Shiver k!tukuk (t)
Sigal 3 1 mixed (v) low moon has 'Cultivator' artifact
Sigus' Swarm 3 mixed (v) low N/A asteroid belt
Silence 1 humans (v)
Skyless 3 k!tukuk (v) gift from Onesky
Sor Komlak 1 humans (n) high colonies: Jeh Eelahv
Sunglare 2 zthiir (v)
Swiftly 1 47 (small) humans (v) short day, moons all travel in retrograde motion
Teelikagik 1 k!tukuk (t)
Tempest 3 k!ukuk (v)
Tortuohus 3 zthiir (t) med
Tuesday 1 humans (v)
Uhfaydsan 2 muayib (t) med water world
Vaagidh 2 humans (v)
Vahlah 1 muayib (n), k!tukuk (v)
Victoria 2 humans (v)
Wilderness 1 humans (v)
Windover 1 zthiir (v)
Woohllar 2 zthiir (v)
Zayshan humans (v)

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