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Characters of Cultivator Universe

Dvest4 Unknown -  From Eyes of Infistar
Manuel Zhidel 5905Human - Background ChecksFrom Eyes of Infistar
Tarduzo Lezuda 5905Human - LordFrom Eyes of Infistar
Algernon Russell 5906Human - Survey AgentFrom Eyes of Infistar
Chaeti Greshat 5931Human -  From Eyes of Infistar
Chuch Greshat 5935Human -  From Eyes of Infistar
Bambi Wysorickovitz 5912HumanVar - Private InvestigatorFrom Eyes of Infistar
Serena Wysorickovitz 5918HumanVar - Private InvestigatorFrom Eyes of Infistar
Peluge Wysorickovitz 5922HumanVar - Private InvestigatorFrom Eyes of Infistar
Terrence Wysorickovitz 5928HumanVar - Private InvestigatorFrom Eyes of Infistar
Reera Kahraloo 5908Hworill - SecurityFrom Eyes of Infistar
Àhkéeàh  5919Hworill - Prince of OoâytétFrom Eyes of Infistar
Uy Ti Kar Sakeerta 5891K!tukuk - TranslatorFrom Eyes of Infistar
Ukgahki Jane T!ska 5909K!tukuk - Computer SecurityFrom Eyes of Infistar

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