Sentient Species

Although life is found in abundance in the Cultivator Universe, intelligence is much scarcer. Only a few intelligent species have been discovered. This lack, however, is somewhat made up for, by the fact that those same species can be found over and over.

The intelligent populations of the 'Cultivator' worlds are divided into three main classifications: Native, Transplanted, and Volunteer. Native populations are from worlds where evidence exists that they evolved there, impossible as it may seem. Transplanted populations are ones that are living on worlds where they could not possibly have evolved, and Volunteer populations are those who have colonized the planet within the span of known history. Some of the intelligent species have subspecies variants, that have adaptations that allow them to thrive in environments that would otherwise be hostile to them, but that nonetheless retain some degree of reproductive compatibility.

  • Humans, can survive a wide range of temperatures and conditions
    • Standard
    • Undine
    • Aerial
  • Zthiirs, scaled cold-blooded hexapeds, tailed, generally seem to appear on worlds with slightly higher gravity than those with native human populations.
    • 'Dry' Adapted to hot dry worlds
    • 'Wet' Adapted to hot wet worlds
  • K!tukuk, cold-blooded exoskeletal hive dwellers, prefer hot wet worlds.
  • Muayib, backboneless, tentacled ocean dwellers
  • Hworill, warm-blooded, winged, only found on light gravity worlds with comparatively dense atmospheres, and in space habitats.
    • 'Downies' Adapted to colder worlds

Sayings from the Cultivator Universe
'We keep our membership fees low, that is why we are the largest interstellar organization in known space.'
-- Galactic Empire Propaganda
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