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Muayib are intelligent multi-armed ocean dwelling invertibrates, vaguely resembling squid or cuttlefish.

The discovery of the Muayib was fairly recent. Because they live in deep ocean enviromnments several worlds with Muayib natives were colonized by other species, never realizing that they shared the planet.

Muayib eyesight is very sensitve and they have excelent color vision. This is because Muayib communicate with each other using bioflorescent pigments in their otherwise nearly transparent skin. Muayib use sound for general environmental awareness, and can sense the magnetic fields of other living being, if they come close enough.

Muayib bear young at the end of their life-cycle. Therefore every Muayib parent depends on younger generations of distant kin, to rear and teach their young. Young Muayib live in large colonies around deep-sea vents, but these fragile environments cannot support older Muayib, so Muayib elders become nomadic, roaming the ocean floors in search of substinence. This is done either solitarily, or as part of small groups of non-related individuals.

Quote from Talking With Winds
'We like words. They are a wealth that weighs nothing, and fears no theft.'
-- Samanth
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