Peluge's Preposterous Adventures

Please pick some things for Peluge to encounter in the next thrilling episode...
(Fill in as many or as few of the following blanks as you like.)

A color: A number: An object: (Examples: crimson, bazillion, refrigerator)
An '-ly' adverb: An adjective ending in -est: (Examples: filthily, soggiest)
Two '-ing' actions: (Examples: diving, bounding)
A size: A texture: A body part: (Examples: microscopic, spiky, leg)
A female character: A male character: (Examples: Buffy Vampire Slayer, Darth Vader)
A sound effect: (Example: splat)
A weapon: (Example: slingshot)
A cool gadget: (Example: collection of rubber bands)
An alien animal: (Example: pygmy elephant)
A space habitation: (Examples: Mars, the Death Star)

And now we join Peluge as...

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