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L. Shelby - Cultivator Universe - Preposterous Preparations

Peluge's Preposterous Adventures

Please pick some things for Peluge to encounter in the next thrilling episode...
(Fill in as many or as few of the following blanks as you like.)

A color: A number: An object: (Examples: crimson, bazillion, refrigerator)
An '-ly' adverb: An adjective ending in -est: (Examples: filthily, soggiest)
Two '-ing' actions: (Examples: diving, bounding)
A size: A texture: A body part: (Examples: microscopic, spiky, leg)
A female character: A male character: (Examples: Buffy Vampire Slayer, Darth Vader)
A sound effect: (Example: splat)
A weapon: (Example: slingshot)
A cool gadget: (Example: collection of rubber bands)
An alien animal: (Example: pygmy elephant)
A space habitation: (Examples: Mars, the Death Star)

And now we join Peluge as...

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