Cultivator Technology

The interstellar capabilities of this universe's inhabitants are based on an advanced wormhole technology. The same technology is the basis of their 'antigravity' and 'artificial gravity' and 'beamed power' technologies. Basically the idea is that if you can open up a connection from any one place to any other place, you can not only travel real easily, but you can also have a hole to a gravity source, a hole to an energy source, a hole to a storage compartment and so forth. In order to enable me to have sweeping space vistas instead of everyone just blipping from one place to another, I am using the excuse that transit through the wormhole isn't entirely safe for organisms. The less stress on the wormhole openings and the smaller the opening, the smaller the likelihood that one gets subtlely rearranged in transit. Thus planetside to planetside wormhole transit can only be done by either really tiny things, or large chucks of raw elements whose gross organization is not important.

Spaceships, therefore are still the main means of interstellar travel. Jumpships are tubelike cosnstructions with an encircling "jump ring" that can can be moved in front of the ship, and then transfered behind the ship. When the jump ring is activated the ship slides itself through the wormhold created by the jumpring, and then closes the hole behind itself. Space Stations can also provide access to "trains"... ships without their own jump rings, designed to pass through stationary holes, from one set location to another.

Feedback on Dark Moon Light
'You have a real flair for action and character, a rare combination.'
-- An Editor
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