The Borgim Empire

Floorplan of the Coral Palace
Floorplan of the Coral Palace

The equatorial Borgim are of the Thisitonim genetic grouping, and their culture is primarily rainforest based. They have primitive slash and burn agriculture and do a lot of hunting and gathering, but they are also skilled woodcarvers and weavers, can cast brass (and other metals), and maintain trade routes not only between the far flung villages of the rainforest, but also with all the neighboring peoples. Although Borgim calls itself an Empire, it's main political unit remains the nomadic village of the common people. The villages donate a part of their produce to support a very small aristocracy, whose sophisticated cultural life centers around the Coral Palace, official residence of the Emperor.

This image is of young lady with golden skin wearing her dark hair in loops, and with a short, embroidered jacket with tiny cap sleeves, and a long flowing nether garment with more embroidery.
Bazomi, from Cantata in Coral and Ivory

This is a sketch of the character Bazomi from Cantata in Coral and Ivory. She is a romheli, an 'eligible' young woman of good family, and she acts as an attendant to her cousin Pesodi, a lady of title and high position. This illustration shows the typical dress of a lady of the court (although most ladies wear more elaborate hair arrangements, even more richly embroidered clothing, and a variety of jewelry.) Although a vest and gisgir are the standard wardrobe for all classes, only court ladies wear their gisgir full to the ankle as shown in the sketch -- peasants wear theirs at knee length, and gentlemen at this period wear theirs nipped in at the knee, and bound to their calves with fancy cords or jeweled chains. (Gisgir is neither pants nor skirt, but sacklike garment that is a sort of a cross between the two.)

This is a black and white image is of young man wearing an elaborate hat, an open vest covered with emboridery with chain stretched across the chest, gisgir that go down to the midcalf, and jeweled sandals with thick soles.  He is holding a richly emboidered hand scarf.
Cinasor, from Velvet Lies

This sketch depicts Isde Cinasor from Velvet Lies, who is wearing the costume of a gentleman of the court from a later time period. The fashion is no longer for a gentleman's gisgir to have pant legs, and they are now worn to midcalf. Notice the somge (handscarf) in Cinasor's left hand. This variation on the common handkerchief is the latest court rage, it has its own language, much like the 'language of the fan' in european courts. Later, in Pavane in Pearl and Emerald the handscarf is no longer a necessary fashion accessory, but instead has become a key part of the court dances.


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