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L. Shelby - Ialfa Fantasy World - History


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10000Blecico ruptures the world's soul. - Bledoko
1302244The City of Imoneger is named the seat of government for the mountain dwellers, henceforth, officially called the "Imoneger". - Imoneger
164887Copper discovered at Siqu'fliher. - Siqu’fliher
-446Mustavage founded by the Beditoner (River People) at the mouth of the Nokibedi river. - Mustavage
1836398The City of Niloner is founded at the mouth of the Plighedi river - Niloner
1845174Capital of Imoneger moves to Roomide. - Roomide
1954469Philosophical arguments lead to the Thisitonim people (centered around Niloner) officially declaring themselves a different people than the Beditoner peoples. They, like the Imoneger, remain 'true to the faith of their ancestors', while the Niloner take the path of 'rationality'. - Nilosoem
2264152Soematir unites all of the Beditoner peoples into a single empire, which he calls Nilosoem. - Nilosoem
2315348Bosebatir, second Emperor of Nilosoem, unsuccessfully attempts to conquor Niloner, and the Thistoner peoples. - Nilosoem
2354268Ilardator, fifth Emperor of Nilosoem conquors Niloner. - Niloner
2415115Soematir II, tenth Emperor of Nilosoem, attempts to quell unrest in the Thisitonim provinces by allowing them some political freedom, this is called the Nilosoem Pact. -
2509111The soldiers of Nilosoem invade the Mifanim Jungles. - Mifanim Jungle
251670The Borgim Empire is formed. Tasole Os Bolgitel becomes the first emperor. - Borgim
2547113Nilosoem divides into the countries of Gidomi and Sokili. - Nilosoem
2601192Tasole IV becomes Emperor of all Borgim - Borgim
2643494Cantata in Coral and Ivory begins - Borgim
2735264Velvet Lies begins - Borgim
2764257Resvashe II becomes Emperor of all Borgim - Borgim
2768402Pavane in Pearl and Emerald begins - Borgim

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