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Today's Horoscope

The state of the skies on this day (day 236 of year 2988), as the sun waxes, is as follows:

Asoer, Lord of Heaven, resides in the House of the Cauldron, so the realm of Shortages is in ascendence. Now is the time to attempt tasks that involve maintaining your possessions. Be certain to pay attention to situations where something has lessened or decreased, for these are an advantageous influence while the Cauldron rules the skies.

Nadal, the mother moon, waxing half, resides in the House of the Bear. Often you will encounter those who are close to you, examine them carefully, as some will have a strong positive influence, and some a strong negative one.

Munva, the moon bride, in full glory, resides in the House of the Ship. The realm of Inpulse rules your love and family life right now. Remember that the influence of departures and endings on your relationships are a special benefit at this time.

Bildhomor, the moon child, in concealment, resides in the House of the Cauldron. Avoid any activities or events involving maintaining your possessions, for annoyance and disapproval can be found there today.

The sun child Ikhsior, in concealment, resides in the House of the Cauldron. If your life seems aimless and you are uncertain about the direction you are taking there is no cause for concern. Hold fast to your dreams and ambitions, and the guidance of the celestial ones will eventually reveal itself.

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