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Today's Horoscope

The state of the skies on this day (day 120 of year 2988), as the sun wanes, is as follows:

Asoer, Lord of Heaven, resides in the House of the Beetle, so the realm of Luck is in ascendence. All realms, traits and influences are favorably enhanced by this symbol of luck and goodness.

Nadal, the mother moon, waning gibbous, resides in the House of the Swimming Bird. Tasks that require aesthetics and grace will seem easier and more fulfilling, and changes that occur around you will usually be a positive influence, but keep a watchful eye out for hidden flaws.

Munva, the moon bride, waxing crescent, resides in the House of the Beetle. The realm of Luck rules your love and family life right now, but is a difficult and tyrannical master. Watch out for coincidences, for they may not be as advantageous an influence on your relationships as they appear to be.

Bildhomor, the moon child, waxing gibbous, resides in the House of the Pheasant. Today you should seek out activities involving assurance and boldness for you will find much to be admired in them.

The sun child Ikhsior, in concealment, resides in the House of the Monkey. If your life seems aimless and you are uncertain about the direction you are taking there is no cause for concern. Hold fast to your dreams and ambitions, and the guidance of the celestial ones will eventually reveal itself.

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