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Today's Horoscope

The state of the skies on this day (day 62 of year 2988), as the sun wanes, is as follows:

Asoer, Lord of Heaven, resides in the House of the Leopard, so the realm of Enemies is in ascendence. Now is the time to attempt tasks that involve agility. Be certain to pay attention to potentially dangerous activities or actions, for these are an advantageous influence while the Leopard rules the skies.

Nadal, the mother moon, waxing gibbous, resides in the House of the Snail. Tasks that require caution, and great care will seem easier and more fulfilling, and people who give you advice, or who show the way will usually be a positive influence, but keep a watchful eye out for hidden flaws.

Munva, the moon bride, waxing gibbous, resides in the House of the Cauldron. The realm of Shortages rules your love and family life right now. Keep your heart open to the positive influence of situations where something has lessened or decreased on your relationships, but don't trust in them absolutely.

Bildhomor, the moon child, waxing crescent, resides in the House of the Leopard. Today you should probably avoid activities or events involving agility, for these will bring you frustration and boredom.

The sun child Ikhsior, in full glory, resides in the House of the Pheasant. Your life's purposes and directions should seem most clear at this time. Be particularly open to the influences of opportunities to make decisions. These have a great power of good over your future when Ikhsior resides in the House of the Pheasant.

Feedback on Cantata in Coral and Ivory
'I really liked this -- one seldom sees much of court, in fantasy novels, and this was a lovely comic opera one.'
-- A Reader
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