There are 18 Jewelwyrms for sale

Unknown Jewelwyrm - 75 Points

Onyx Wyrm
Blood Flyer
Ruby Male Fanwing
Sapphire Female Batwing
Out of Unnamed-3287 by Unnamed-3332
Onyx Female Dragonfly
Out of Marsh by Unnamed-3361
Sapphire Female Flutterby
Out of Unnamed-3199 by Unnamed-3336
Amethyst Female Maywing
Out of Cupcake by Unnamed-3247
Onyx Male Dragonfly
Out of Rain by Night Gleam
Citrine Female Maywing
Out of Unnamed-3320 by Tree Hugger
Pearl Female Dragonfly
Out of Unnamed-3317 by Unnamed-3298
Quote from Compelled
'I tried to run you through with a SWORD once, and you DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE!'
-- Kate Miller to Cabal
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