Timeline of Opera Magique Althernate History

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00I just need to see what at “ and ” look like. - Unknown (0)
1334Great Plague hits the Hubei Province - Unknown (0)
1347Great Plague first appears in Europe (Crimea) - Unknown (0)
1377Great Plague of London -- Last Outbreak of the Great Plague - Unknown (0)
1377Fillippo Brunellesch (Real Architect) born in Italy - Unknown (0)
1402Florence defeats Milan Army (Milan) - Unknown (0)
1404Leon Battista Alberti (Real Architect) born - Unknown (0)
1423Louis XI of France is born in France - Unknown (0)
1436Alfonso V of Aragon (Pretender to the kingdom of Naples) is killed by the Florentines in Naples. - Unknown (0)
1449Lorenzo the Magnificent is born in Florence - Unknown (0)
1451Isabella I of Castile is born in Spain - Unknown (0)
1452Leonardo da Vinci is born in Italy - Unknown (0)
1453Fall of Constantinople (Byzantine) - Unknown (0)
1457Mary of Burgundy is born in Brussels - Unknown (0)
1459The French Dauphin marries an 8 year old Castilian princess - Unknown (0)
1468Charles the Mad is born in France - Unknown (0)
1471The sixteen year old Prince of Portugal marries Florentine Princess (Portugal) - Unknown (0)
1475Michelangelo is born in Italy - Unknown (0)
1482Twenty five year old Mary of Burgandy dies unmarried and heirless, due to a riding accident. (Belgium) - Unknown (0)
1483Raphael is born in Italy - Unknown (0)
1483Fifteen year old Charles the Mad becomes the first Valois Emperor (France) - Unknown (0)
1490Columbus discovers South America and claims it for Portugal, it is eventually named Columbia. - Unknown (0)
1492Beatrice Infanta (Princess) of Portugal is Born (Portugal) - Unknown (0)
1509Beatrice Infanta (Princess) of Portugal marries Henry the Eighth of England (England) - Unknown (0)
1512Henry of Avis (The Portuguese Pretender) is born to Beatrice and Henry VIII (England) - Unknown (0)
1514Beatrice, pregnant with Catarina flees to Portugal with her young son (Portugal) - Unknown (0)
1515Catarina born to Beatrice and Henry VIII (Portugal) - Unknown (0)
1520Beatrice's marriage to Henry VIII is annuled by English Parliment and the "Canterbury" Pope (England) - Unknown (0)
1521Henry VIII marries Mary ???? (England) - Unknown (0)
1522Henry VIII Claims North America, which he names Maryland, for England. - Unknown (0)
1524Elinor born to Henry VIII and Mary ???? (England) - Unknown (0)
1536Mary accused of treason and beheaded. Princess Elinor is disbarred from the succession. (England) - Unknown (0)
1536Henry VIII marries Catherine ????. (England) - Unknown (0)
1537Princess Anne (later Anne I of England) born to Henry VIII and Catherine (England) - Unknown (0)
1537Catherine dies in childbirth, leaving Anne to be raised by her half-sister Elinor. (England) - Unknown (0)
1539Henry VIII marries Agnes ??? (England) - Unknown (0)
1542Arthur (later Arthur I of England) born to Henry VIII and Agnes (England) - Unknown (0)
1598Founding of Annabelia first successful British colony in Maryland. - Unknown (0)
1602First successful Burgundian Colony in the New World, Westenburgden later shorted to Westenburg. - Unknown (0)
1637Cabal is born - Unknown (0)
1643Sarah Katherine Miller is born - Unknown (0)
1663Compelled begins - Unknown (0)
16720Cloak of Lies begins - Unknown (0)
1677Naplians found Nuovegitto (Around our world's Baton Rouge). - Unknown (0)
1748Freemen/Condammy uprising in the southern Maryland colonies. - Unknown (0)


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