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L. Shelby - Opera Magique Alternate Earth - Timeline

Timeline of Opera Magique Althernate History

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00I just need to see what at “ and ” look like.
1402Florence defeats Milan Army (Milan)
1436Alfonso V of Aragon (Pretender to the kingdom of Naples) is killed by the Florentines in Naples.
1459The French Dauphin marries an 8 year old Castilian princess
1468Charles the Mad is born in France
1471The sixteen year old Prince of Portugal marries Florentine Princess (Portugal)
1482Twenty five year old Mary of Burgandy dies unmarried and heirless, due to a riding accident. (Belgium)
1483Fifteen year old Charles the Mad becomes the first Valois Emperor (France)
1490Columbus discovers South America and claims it for Portugal, it is eventually named Columbia.
1492Beatrice Infanta (Princess) of Portugal is Born (Portugal)
1509Beatrice Infanta (Princess) of Portugal marries Henry the Eighth of England (England)
1512Henry of Avis (The Portuguese Pretender) is born to Beatrice and Henry VIII (England)
1514Beatrice, pregnant with Catarina flees to Portugal with her young son (Portugal)
1515Catarina born to Beatrice and Henry VIII (Portugal)
1520Beatrice's marriage to Henry VIII is annuled by English Parliment and the "Canterbury" Pope (England)
1521Henry VIII marries Mary ???? (England)
1522Henry VIII Claims North America, which he names Maryland, for England.
1524Elinor born to Henry VIII and Mary ???? (England)
1536Mary accused of treason and beheaded. Princess Elinor is disbarred from the succession. (England)
-Henry VIII marries Catherine ????. (England)
1537Princess Anne (later Anne I of England) born to Henry VIII and Catherine (England)
-Catherine dies in childbirth, leaving Anne to be raised by her half-sister Elinor. (England)
1539Henry VIII marries Agnes ??? (England)
1542Arthur (later Arthur I of England) born to Henry VIII and Agnes (England)
1598Founding of Annabelia first successful British colony in Maryland.
1602First successful Burgundian Colony in the New World, Westenburgden later shorted to Westenburg.
1667The Kingdom of New France (Nouvelle-France) established in Cuba and Jamaica.
1677Naplians found Nuovegitto (Around our world's Baton Rouge).
1699New French woodsmen create a small settlement, Madrique, in/near the Nuovegitto territory (current day mobile)
1748Freemen/Condammy uprising in the southern Maryland colonies.
1752Arthur III turns the English Maryland colonies into the Domain of Avalon.
1801Northern Avalon Provinces break away from English rule, and renames itself the Free Federation of Maryland.
1803The first Marylander settlement in Ohio founded.

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