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L. Shelby - Racciman's World - Books

Stories Currently Available

Dark Moon Light

A Short Story

Raff has no education, no parents, no home, and weak lungs -- there is no way she can rescue her new friend from the clutches of a dark goddess... is there?

7000 words


Harp & Gyre

Book 1 of Valley of the Morning

Allma wants to be a bard and do great deeds -- instead his unruly tongue and taste for mischief may have started a war -- unless, maybe, he travels to the edge of the world to present his apology, in person, to the dragon council?

50000 words


Talking With Winds

Book 1 of Song of Asolde

A handsome young prince rides out on a heroic quest, but being a prince isn't really the same as being a hero -- is having a personal bodyguard and a snarky comment for every occasion really enough to save the day?

80000 words


Stories Planned for Later

  • Princess of Waves - A Short Story (1300 words)
    Widowed and alone Faline must win custody of her infant son
  • Song of Asolde

  • Dicing With Flames - Book 2 of Song of Asolde (94000 words)
    Asond can either keep his promises to his friends and allies, or protect his family -- but not both. Could walking into a deadly trap be the solution?
  • Dancing With Stones - Book 3 of Song of Asolde (93000 words)
  • Fencing With Waves - Book 4 of Song of Asolde
  • Weaving With Leaves - Book 5 of Song of Asolde
  • Valley of the Morning

  • Rune & Fire - Book 2 of Valley of the Morning (60000 words)
    An expelled student learns to control her wild talent for wizardry in an attempt return to class, but finds herself in the middle of a war instead.
  • Trail & Sword - Book 3 of Valley of the Morning
  • Kin & Chord - Book 4 of Valley of the Morning

Hexblurb for Eyes of Infistar
Babelicious kick-butt detective chases artifact theives.
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