The Viashi Card Deck


A trick taking game for 2 players
Designed by my son Ben and myself.

Start by dealing out two piles of nine cards each, on to the left and one to the right of the dealer. Place the rest of the cards in the middle of the table. The dealer draws two cards--keeping one and discarding the other face down. His oppenent then draws two cards -- keeping one and discarding the other face down. They take turns doing this until each has a hand of 9 cards and 18 cards have been discarded. Then the two piles of 9 cards are turned face up and the cards are arranged by suit. These are now dummy hands. Each player controls the dummy hand to their left.

The oppent leads first. Then his dummy plays, then the dealer, then the dealer's dummy. After the first trick, the hand taking the trick leads, whether it is a player hand, or a dummy hand. Players must follow suit if possible. The god cards act as trump. If a queen would normally take a trick, but the fool of that suit was also played then the fool takes the trick.

The player who takes the most tricks wins. Tricks taken by the dummy hands do not count towards their player's win.

Hexblurb for Talking With Winds
Fighting rumors and weather
...with snark

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