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This site is divided into a number of sections. There is a main information section, and sections for each of L. Shelby's story worlds. Most pages have a 'breadcrumb' trail along the top edge of the border that will tell you where you are.

  • Fun (Nav) - Quick links to various activities found all over the site.
    • Jewelwyrms (Fun) - Breed tiny finger-sized Jewelwyrm Dragons.
      • Jewelwym Matchup (Fun) - Memory matching game, using Jewelwyrm artwork.
      • Stories - Information about my stories.
        • Web (Info) - Links to free stories, Enjoy!
          • Published (Info) - Available to buy.
            • Queue (Info) - The stuff I am trying to sell, am still writing, and am planning to write.
            • Worlds (Info) - Links to the World sections of the site.
              • rasf.compositon FAQ (Other) - The FAQ for the usenet group rec.arts.sf.composition. It has a lot of information about writing, but it's also very out of date.

                Writing Section


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