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L. Shelby - Verdaia (Imaginary History) - Books

Stories Currently Available

Serendipity’s Tide

Book 1 of Across a Jade Sea

He's a stranger from the other side of the world, and there sure seem to be a lot of people who want him dead, but he was willing to trade his life for hers and she's determined to deliver him safely to his destination.

85000 words


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Scent of Spring

A Graphic Novel

A mannerly romance about the turning of the seasons and the strength of flowers.

153 pages

BETA VERSION -- Betareaders ONLY

Stories Planned for Later

  • The Raven and the Veil - A Novella (28000 words)
    He's tall, dark, and full of sinister plots. But does that mean he's evil?
  • Seafarers’ War

  • Atakati Island - Book 1 of Seafarers’ War
  • Duhanu Mountain - Book 2 of Seafarers’ War
  • Khushym Pass - Book 3 of Seafarers’ War

Quote from Velvet Lies
'I suppose that is an advantage of speaking with servants. It doesn't take them a paragraph to ask for clarifications.'
-- The Most Astute Zelli tos Renpli
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