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Characters of Verdaia (Imaginary History)

Fahdu Tatachru 1483Master WoodcarverFrom Scent of Spring
Prali Changra 1490WidowFrom Scent of Spring
Sango 1491StorekeeperFrom Scent of Spring
Prince Harchung 1507Ruler of CholipardoFrom Scent of Spring
Dopahn 1523CarterFrom Scent of Spring
Liang Sangori 1526 From Scent of Spring
Chahd 1543 From Scent of Spring
Emperor Pralahn 1861 From Fealty’s Shore
Vanitri Latikov 1893 From Serendipity’s Tide
Chunru Dachahl Pralahnru 1894 From Serendipity’s Tide
Kasmir Latikov 1896 From Serendipity’s Tide
Bostavan “Bos” Kardos 1897Ship EngineerFrom Serendipity’s Tide
Batiya Latikov 1899 From Serendipity’s Tide
Forang 1900 From Fealty’s Shore
Katrika Latikov 1903 From Serendipity’s Tide


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