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Flag in Flames

Book 1 of Brotherhood of the Black Flag

The Brotherhood of the Black Flag is a tiny fleet of pirates, maintaining a precarious existence in deep space. When two of its captains take an interest in the same girl, the conflict threatens to tear their society apart.

302 pages


Serendipity’s Tide

Book 1 of Across a Jade Sea

He's a stranger from the other side of the world, and there sure seem to be a lot of people who want him dead, but he was willing to trade his life for hers and she's determined to deliver him safely to his destination.

85000 words


Dark Moon Light

A Short Story of Racciman's World

Raff has no education, no parents, no home, and weak lungs -- there is no way she can rescue her new friend from the clutches of a dark goddess... is there?

7000 words


Frozen Witness

A Short Story of the Cultivator Universe

If the girl is already dead, how is she leaving footprints?

5000 words


Great Great Grandpa and the Chinook

A Short Story

A homegrown tall tale from Alberta, Canada's Texas.

1100 words


Feedback on Cantata in Coral and Ivory
'I really liked this -- one seldom sees much of court, in fantasy novels, and this was a lovely comic opera one.'
-- A Reader
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