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L. Shelby - Artwork - Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles

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Talon on the Fullbright
3D-CGI by L. Shelby

Day Dream
Colored Pencil by Azure Bottorff

Jade Medallion
3D-CGI by L. Shelby

Babbling Brook
Photo by Azure Bottorff

Rainbow Snake
Colored Pencil by Alloria Bottorff

One Day Only
Photo by Alloria Bottorff

Mountain Lake
Photo by Azure Bottorff

Painted Lake
Photo by Azure Bottorff

Dragon with Four Moons
Oil Painting by Alloria Bottorff

Colored Pencil by Alloria Bottorff

Fealty’s Shore
Digital Paint by L. Shelby
Feedback on Cantata in Coral and Ivory
'...Gilbert and Sullivan with virtual music.'
-- Brian M. Scott
Copyright © Michelle Bottorff

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