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-50000Civ 2: Lightspeed, Civ 3: Electronic, Civ 4: Print, Civ 5: Classical, and Civ 6: Iron - Cultivator Space
-30000Civ 2: Conduit, Civ 3: Lightspeed, Civ 4: Electronic, Civ 5: Print, Civ 6: Classical, and Civ 7: Iron - Cultivator Space
-13720Humans from Artus discover a colony of the K!tukuk world Diligent. Trade agreement is signed. - Diligent
-11630Hworill explorers from Ei, discover a Human World on the verge of expansion, (547). They create a colonial government. - Ei
-10000Civ2: Wormhole, Civ 3: Conduit, Civ 4: Lightspeed, Civ 5: Electronic, Civ 6: Print, Civ 7: Classical, and Civ 8: Iron - Cultivator Space
-8030The k!tukuk of Diligent discover iron era zthiir on 582, and decide to leave them in peace. - Diligent
-7590Zthiir from Tarthik encounter K!tukuk explorers from 498, and concluded that talking to them is too much bother. - Tarthik
-3970Hworill from Ghirillys find Print Era hworill on planets 621 and 623, and Iron Era hworill on planet 608. They conquer and subjugate all three. - Ghirillys
-3200Humans from Karpar discover primitive K!tukuk on 526, and nearly exterminate them before realizing that they are intelligent. - Karpar
-1840Zthiir explorers from Hnatzh discover the Hworill on 520 (Print era), and decide that it's too much bother learning to talk with them. - Hnatizh
-120K!tukuk from the planet Ehhzkaal discover two Hworill worlds: (490 in its classic era and , 488 in its iron era), and decide to attempt to uplift the clever birds, with mixed success. - Ehhzkaal
00 Thishah is born - Unknown (0)
00 Dvest4 is born - Unknown (0)
00General Tars Ar Khors is born - Sor Komlak
2120Zthiir explorers from Hnatzh discover the K!tukuk on 493, but fail to realize that they are sentient, since their classical civilization was nearly entirely underground. - Hnatizh
2280Zthiir explorers from Hnatzh discover the primitive Hworill on 495, and realize that they seem to be the same species as those on 520. They decide maybe they need to talk to the Hworill on 520 after all. - Hnatizh
2710Humans from Dharus discover iron era humans on 563. They begin a successful uplift program. - Dharus
3990K!tukuk from Tietietie, start a colony on planet (503), much to the consternation of the local Hworill, currently in their classical era. - Tietietie
4120Hworill from Onesky find zthiir in their classic era on 594. They find interactions with the zthiir unpleasant and difficult. - Onesky
4140Humans on Drago discover Print Era hworill on 636, Print Era zthiir on 634, and primitive humans on Coleridge. They colonize all three and set themselves up as overlords. - Drago
5100Zthiir from Salaloois find Electronic Era humans on 600, and decide to simply observe them. - Salaloois
5580Agents of Artus moving through Diligence channels meet with classical era humans on Pehlozamee. They launch educational programs designed to raise the standard of living and reduce human suffering. - Artus
6570Hworill from Onesky discover primitive humans on worlds 595, and 592. They colonize those worlds and begin uplifting the humans. - Onesky
6810The Humans from Uhpi and the Hworill of Ei come into contact. The Uhpians are outraged at the Ei treatment of the humans from 547, and a war eventually breaks out between Ei, and the Uhpian and human Ei rebels. - Ei
7170Humans from Rreengaz find classical era hworill from 603, and essentially make pets out of them. - Rreengaz
7790Zthiir from Forrak establish a colony on 617, in spite of the presence of Iron Era hworill. - Forrak
8750Humans from Gudhayz meet hworill from Lahlee. Although the initial meeting went horribly, eventually the two civilizations become friends. - Gudhayz
10000Civ 3: Wormhole, Civ 4: Conduit, Civ 5: Lightspeed, Civ 6: Electronic, Civ 7: Print, Civ 8: Classical, and Civ 9: Iron - Cultivator Space
11320k!tukuk explorers from 555 meet hworill explorers from 556. Almost immediately the two begin struggling for possession of a colony planet. - Detria
11940Hworill from Eêeéhsl meet up with hworill explorers from 585, who have no betamales. They suffer from an instantaneous mutual dislike do to political differences. - Eêeéhsl
12740The humans of Bastion, upon finding themselves beset with "bugs" on all sides, go into full defensive mode. The k!tukuk of Tietietie take offense, and become hostile. - Bastion
13440Humans from P!aahn discover Print Era Zthiir on 587. Early attempts at contact go poorly, and the humans decide that an aggressive stance is the only possible way to deal with the newfound aliens. They place military outposts in the system to keep an eye on the dangerous creatures. - P!aahn
14320The k!tukuk explorers of 498, are delighted to meet up with k!tukuk explorers from 497. They form an alliance as a protective measure against a universe that seems horribly overrun with zthiir, and upon the later discovery of Iron era k!tukuk on 496, decide to add them to the alliance as well. (The natives of 496 have no complaint with the plan.) - Zdooy Worlds
15180Hworill from Ghirillys discover Iron Era zhiir on 622, and completely ignore them. - Ghirillys
16390The zthiir of Forrak attempt to colonize worlds already colonized by k!tukuk of 604. The Forrakians insist on a sharing of resources, and the k!tukuk reluctantly agree but do manage to negotiate for tech assistance from the more advanced zthiir. The zthiir decide that they like the gutsy k!tukuk even though they are impossible to live with--always interfering! - Forrak
16440Hworill from Rrathe discover Electronic Era humans on 522 and welcome them into the greater universe by sharing microconduit technology with them. - Detria
16870Zthiir from Ehveel discover Humans on the verge of expansion on world 480. They make fast friends with the newcomers and soon humans are accompanying the zthiir on their travels. - Ehveel
17250The k!tukuk of Ehzkaal meet up with the humans of 491, and through them the hworill of 474, and ask for their help in uplifting their two current "student worlds" of hworill. Worried about the hostilities of the humans on 505, they decline to reveal their presence to their new friends. - Ehhzkaal
17780K!tukuk from Itvahvt discover k!tukuk explorers from 538, and forcibly integrate them into their civilization. - Detria
17810Humans from Karpar discover Print Age Hworill on 510, and remembering their earlier mistake, barricade the planet and forbid all contact. - Karpar
21380K!tukuk explorers from 555 discover humans in their Electronic Era on 554, and zthiir in their Electronic Era, but are two busy pursuing their conflict with world 556 to pay much attention to them. - Detria
21750The humans of Drago discover Iron Era K!tukuk on 642 and immediately colonize their planet and set themselves up as overlords. - Drago
21860The hworill of Eêeéhsl find human explorers from 570, and are chagrinned to discover they get along better with them than they did with their own kind. Trade agreements are signed. - Eêeéhsl
22960The k!tukuk of Ehhzkaal find Print era zthiir on 506, and primitive zthiir on 487, but unimpressed by the successfulness of their attempts to uplift hworill, they decide to leave the zthiir alone. - Ehhzkaal
23910Humans from Karpar meet up with human explorers from 509 and are understandably confused. They postulate the existance of an older species having meddled with nature, and the legend of the Cultivators is born (not for the first or last time.) - Karpar
23980The humans of 465 discover the slightly less advanced k!tukuk of Git!atik, and deciding that Git!atik has a government that is too communist, begin attempting to ‘liberate’ its colonies - Git!atik
24010Hworill from Ghirillys discover hworill explorers from 607, and immediately begin attacking the planet. With their superior technology they eventually overwhelm and subdue the planet. - Ghirillys
25860Hworill from Ei meet with zthiir explorers from 546, and try to convince them to side with them in their conflict with ongoing conflict with Uhpi. The zthiir are wary of what they see as the overbearing Ei hworill, and lean tentatively toward supporting the Uhpians. - Ei
27220Hworill from Rrathe discover Electronic Era zthiir on 535, and Electronic Era hworill on 534 and share microconduit technology with them both. - Detria
29950The zthiir of Salaloois discover zthiir explorers from 2995, and following their usual policy attempted to ignore them. The fiesty young planet refused to be ignored however, and forced itself onto the ancient Salalooians, becoming a satellite nation. - Salaloois
30000Civ 2: Blip, Civ 4: Wormhole, Civ 5: Conduit, Civ 6: Lightspeed, Civ 7: Electronic, Civ 8: Print, Civ 9: Classical, and Civ 10: Iron - Cultivator Space
31820Hworill from Ghirillys using their newly discovered blipship technology discover and annex the Classic Era hworill worlds of 606 and 624. - Ghirillys
32330K!tukuk from Teelikagik discover hworill explorers from 647. After the initial encounters go severely wrong the two civilizations agree to strictly avoid each other in the future. But when they both discover an Electronic era zthiir civilization on 646 the agreement to avoid each other falls apart a little as the two more advanced civilizations fight over who will have the greatest influence on the more primitive zthiir. - Teelikagik
32370After millenia of exploration the k!tukuk of Zht!ak finally encounter zthiir explorers from 544. The k!tukuk eagerly make friends and discover that the more adventurous zthiir add energy and excitement to the new combined civilization. - Zht!ak
33690The humans of Karpar meet the k!tukuk of Ehhzkaal, and conclude that the Cultivators were not human. They about the humans on 491 and the newly discovered humans on 473 from the Ehhzkaal, but are reluctant to reveal their own k!tukuk 'survivor' population. The Karpar invite the new groups of humans to join their alliance. - Karpar
33790The Hworill of Ei discover Print Era k!tukuk on 565, and begin trying to uplift them in the hopes that they will be useful in the conflict against the Uhpians. - Ei
34190The zthiir from Forrak establish a colony on 616, in spite of the presence of primitive hworill. - Forrak
35540The k!tukuk of Git!atik discover humans explorers from 471, and are surprised when those humans are not immediately hostile. These new humans soon learn that the k!tukuk are at war with, impossibly, other humans, and that makes them reluctant to form any kind of alliance with them. - Git!atik
35920The k!tukuk of the Zdooy worlds inform the hworill from 520 visiting at 495 (through Hnatzh channels) that they have just found a Print Era hworill world at 477. - Zdooy Worlds
35970The k!tukuk of TieTieTie meet k!tukuk explorers from 489, and sign trade agreements with them. - Tietietie
36640The humans of 600 start expanding into space, and discover a colony of Salaloois. The zthiir from Salaloois, who has come into contact with the humans of Rreengaz, decide that it is no longer safe to ignore the humans, and begins to make tentative overatures of friendship in the hopes of preventing them from being tainted by the Rreengazians. They make similar friendly advances to explorers from the hworill worlds of Nina and 614, and the Electronic Era k!tukuk on 601, just in case. - Salaloois
36730The zthiir of Ehveel encounter k!tukuk explorers from 481, and hworill explorers from Sehdeen. They make friends readily enough with the k!tukuk, although they never become as chummy with them as they do the humans. But the Sehdeen Hworill seem more interested in competing with the Ehveelians than co-operating with them. - Ehveel
37560The k!tukuk of Ehhzkaal learn of the Electronic era hworill at 510 (from the humans of Karpar) and discover more at 507, and invite both into their hworill uplift program. - Ehhzkaal
37620Zthiir from Tortuohus encounter human explorers from the more advanced Reengaz, and attempt to make friends. They later decide that maybe the Reengaz humans are not the best people to know, but through them the do learn of the humans on Artus, whom they like better. - Tortuohus
39350Humans from 469 discover Classical Era k!tukuk on 482, and begin introducing the curious k!tukuk to more advanced technology. - 469
39810Explorers from the Gudhayz-Lahlee alliance finally meet another civilization, human explorers from 641. Although this is very puzzling, a tacit agreement between the old friends not to take advantage of the species similarities prevents Gudhayz from getting too friendly with the newcomers. - Gudhayz
39880Humans from Rreengaz discover Electronic Era zthiir on 580, and manipulate them into fighting intra-system battles as an entertainment. - Rreengaz
40490The k!tukuk of Ehhzkaal encounter the k!tukuk of Tietietie, although their initial delight at finally finding more of their kind is reduced when they learn about the ursuring of planet 503 from the native hworill. They also at this time learn of the k!tukuk amongst the Karpar. - Ehhzkaal
42970The zthiir of Salaloois discover primitive zthiir on 599 and decide to prevent them from coming into contact with any space-faring civilizations. - Salaloois
43050Humans from Reengaz discover human explorers from 579, and attempt to make friends with them, but the humans from 579 do not seem to like them much. - Rreengaz
43180Onesky encounters hworill explorers from 591, and immediately offers them technological assistance. - Onesky
43290Kraken, believed to be uninhabited, is colonized by humans from Artus. - Kraken
44330The k!tukuk of Diligent, form an alliance with the k!tukuk of 604 and the humans of Artus, in order to put pressure on the zthiir of Forrak and the humans of Reengaz in the hopes of improving their behavior. - Diligent
44930The zthiir of Ohhshee encounter Ehhzkaal civilization and are a bit taken aback to discover that the Ehhzkaal consider zthiir backward and primitive compared to the other three sentient species. - Ohhshee
45640K!tukuk from Shiver encounter zthiir explorers from 619. The two species become fierce competators, with occasional outbreaks of violence. - Shiver
46380The Hworill from Ei, meet up with zthiir explorers from 549 and through them learn of the electronic era k!tukuk at 551 and Print Era zthiir at 550, and offer them all the secrets of blipship technology in exchange for their assistance in the battle with the Uhpians. - Ei
48260The zthiir of 546 inform the humans of Uhpi, of the existence of a Print Era human world at 532. The humans hurry to get there in time to prevent the Hworill of Ei from exploiting then, and while there make friends with k!tukuk explorers from 531. - Uhpi
48900A mixed species exploring party from Onesky meets human explorers from 612, on 611, while investigating the primitive k!tukuk that live there. - Onesky
49230Human explorers from Dharus discover Iron era k!tukuk on 562, and decide to attempt to study their civilization without disturbing it. - Dharus
50000Civ 3: Blip, Civ 5: Wormhole, Civ 6: Conduit, Civ 7: Lightspeed, Civ 8: Electronic, Civ 9: Print, Civ 10: Classical, and Civ 11: Iron - Cultivator Space
51000Upon coming into contact with the civilizations from planets 555 and 556, the civilizations of Rrathe and Itvahvt, already on uncertain terms, got pulled into their conflict. Starting a war of unprecidented destructiveness, resulting in the near total destruction of all civilizations in the area. Only the zthiir of 558, who threw all their resources into remaining free of the conflict, managed to escape relatively intact. - Detria
54280Humans from Sor Komlak establish a colony on Jeh Eelahv (without macroconduit transportation) - Sor Komlak
56631Empire Founded - Maris
5759254Strange world discovered by a teacher named Massitchsen, and the students she is chaperoning, when a blip ring break-down causes their their blip-train car to be sent to the wrong coordinates. - Unknown (0)
57890Humans on Sor Komlak and Jeh Eelahv discovered by ??? - Sor Komlak
58350 Gorbamo Barshar is born - Unknown (0)
584985Professor Âydéeòo is born - Ooâytét
5850137 Oshos is born - Unknown (0)
5853256Dr. Gdhaaygdhohteehthay is born - Unknown (0)
58550 Lloorra is born - Unknown (0)
586294 Iris Wysorickovitz is born - Fenris
586371 Sha Ilanohan Soo is born - Unknown (0)
586849 Thishayr Tuot is born - Unknown (0)
587217 Soeah is born - Unknown (0)
58780 Laylee is born - Unknown (0)
58820 Koowarree Tarakaraykee is born - Unknown (0)
5886125 Eseralda Shiinosoo Fista is born - Unknown (0)
58918 Uy Ti Kar Sakeerta is born - Unknown (0)
589269 Vlad Nitsholas Gleshat is born - Unknown (0)
5892156 Tarbuna is born - Unknown (0)
589920 Draydhrish Tuot is born - Unknown (0)
59050 Scar is born - Kraytr
590580 Tarduzo Lezuda is born - Unknown (0)
590585 Manuel Zhidel is born - Unknown (0)
5905205 Jeenozhi is born - Dorrith
590632 Algernon Russell is born - Galactic Empire
59080 Weasel is born - Kraytr
5908138 Reera Kahraloo is born - Unknown (0)
59090 Chatty is born - Kraytr
5909195 Ukgahki Jane T!ska is born - Unknown (0)
591111 Soyz is born - Unknown (0)
59120 Grandstander is born - Kraytr
5912182 Bambi Wysorickovitz is born - Fenris
59150 Limpy is born - Kraytr
59179Frozen Witness takes place - Fenris
59523_ Sails of Everwind _ begins - Torys
5952143Eyes of Infistar begins - Kraytr

Humans evolved into a space-faring race, and set out to explore/settle/dominate the universe. Only to discover, to their complete bewilderment, that a few of the habitable planets close to them were already inhabited by... humans. Worlds with a complete fossil record of man's evolution from primordial sludge (although the precise details of that progression were never completely identical from world to world). Further expansion discovered a number of intelligent alien races... all of which had also apparently developed simultaneously and identically on widely separated planets. Theories flew left and right to explain this apparent anomaly. Could parallel evolution ever arrive at the same species from two different directions? The general consensus was that some kind of giant and purposeful genetic experiment had been carried out by agents unknown... the 'Cultivators'.

Colonization History of the Empire

The foundation of the empire was by the following planets:
Maris, Dharuz, Banshee, Fenris, Kraken, Lethe, Nirvana, Olympus, Raphael, Gudhayz, Amberdell, Emerald, Opalescent, Onesky, Skyless, Bigtree, Cloudhome, Fairwinds, Ehveel, Homeson, Neworld, Git!atik, Deepholt, Gentlegreen, Katikersee, Preserve, Dorrith, Lahlee, Salaloois

The following known planets joined later:
Exile, Safe Harbor, Meenomeeno, Pehlozamee, Rehhzhay, Nina, Teelikagik)

The following inhabited planets were discovered later, and joined...
Humans: Coleridge, D'nish, Gashtazdhsk, P!aahn, Sor Komlak,(Massitchsen's Worlds- protected)
Zthiir: Forrak, Ohhshee, Tortuohus
Hworill: Gemini, Sehdeen
K!tukuk: Shiver
Muayib: Islandia, Uhfaydsan, Vahlah

Sayings from the Cultivator Universe
'We keep our membership fees low, that is why we are the largest interstellar organization in known space.'
-- Galactic Empire Propaganda
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