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L. Shelby - Cultivator Universe - History

History of the Cultivator Universe

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Humans evolved into a space-faring race, and set out to explore/settle/dominate the universe. Only to discover, to their complete bewilderment, that a few of the habitable planets close to them were already inhabited by... humans. Worlds with a complete fossil record of man's evolution from primordial sludge (although the precise details of that progression were never completely identical from world to world). Further expansion discovered a number of intelligent alien races... all of which had also apparently developed simultaneously and identically on widely separated planets. Theories flew left and right to explain this apparent anomaly. Could parallel evolution ever arrive at the same species from two different directions? The general consensus was that some kind of giant and purposeful genetic experiment had been carried out by agents unknown... the 'Cultivators'.

Colonization History of the Empire

The foundation of the empire was by the following planets:
Maris, Dharuz, Banshee, Fenris, Kraken, Lethe, Nirvana, Olympus, Raphael, Gudhayz, Amberdell, Emerald, Opalescent, Onesky, Skyless, Bigtree, Cloudhome, Fairwinds, Ehveel, Homeson, Neworld, Git!atik, Deepholt, Gentlegreen, Katikersee, Preserve, Dorrith, Lahlee, Salaloois

The following known planets joined later:
Exile, Safe Harbor, Meenomeeno, Pehlozamee, Rehhzhay, Nina, Teelikagik)

The following inhabited planets were discovered later, and joined...
Humans: Coleridge, D'nish, Gashtazdhsk, P!aahn, Sor Komlak,(Massitchsen's Worlds- protected)
Zthiir: Forrak, Ohhshee, Tortuohus
Hworill: Gemini, Sehdeen
K!tukuk: Shiver
Muayib: Islandia, Uhfaydsan, Vahlah

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