The Changali Empire

Changali is an Empire that covers roughly two fifths of the Larsia continent. It was created by the combination of four principalities: Cholipardo, Nash Vaur, Holahchi, and ...

The two official languages are Hadahnchi and Stoi Kat.

The calendar consists of six seasons of 61 days each (except for the 'Early Summer' season, which is only 60 days in most years). The first day of each of these seasons is not assigned a number. So there are 60 numbered days in each season. The year starts at the Spring equanox, which is also the 'Festival of Birth' first day of the 'Spring' season, then the Festival of Growth (Early Summer), the Festival of Joy (Late Summer), the Festival of Change (Autumn), the Festival of the Ancestors (Early Winter) and the Festival of Lights (Late Winter)


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