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Sleeping Shepherd


I always loved working in 3D. In high school I sculpted and worked in a varity of other mediums. But the materials tend to be messy or dangerous, and the results create a lot of clutter. When I discovered that I could do 3D art inside of my computer I was delighted.

Jones Hawke


I use several different programs. The principal one is Poser, which is a figure posing and animating software package. It comes with a variety of figures, human and animal, and clothing and so forth, and you can move the figures around, dress them up, change how they look, and take pictures of them. Just like having your own portrait studio inside of your computer.



I have other programs I use to sculpt 3D objects like space ships and furniture, and more that I can use to create landscapes.

Treasure Box and Fold


Nebular Simone Layout Notes

Technical - 3D-CGI 2009


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